Welcome to your Right-Wing Riot in progress

Small Threesome

Want to keep what you earn? You’re an evil, greedy bigot. Think women are smart enough to buy their own birth control? You’re a rapey misogynist. Go to church? Why, you loathsome homophobe. Think the government’s getting too big for its britches? You deplorable racist. Wish they would just secure the border and enforce the law? Again with the deplorable racism.

Yes, the stupid is strong these days. Up is down and left is right. And worst of all, when you turn to the usual sources of information and relief – the journalists, comedians, artists, and intellectuals whom society traditionally tasks with exposing corruption and evil – the silence is deafening. It’s almost as though they’re in cahoots with the Progressives who’ve infected our cultural and leadership institutions.

Enter The Right-Wing Riot. In the genuine American spirit of tapping one’s resourcefulness and ingenuity and doing it themselves, these brave souls have assumed the glorious mantle of mockery and are shining a purifying light on the most slimy, disgusting growths ever to defile the shower stall tile of America.

Scary Smart Jamie K. Wilson is the brains of the outfit, effortlessly pulling massive amounts of knowledge from her Texas-sized intellect. The mysterious and alluring Ms. Always Right reports in from the very belly of the Progressive beast, painting the big picture of what it all means and where it’s headed. And Roy M. Griffis, who IS the Prince of Whitebread, rules them all, with his trusty, pachydermatous producer, Igor, at his side.

Visit rightwingriot.com or tune into our weekly radio show to experience the exhilaration of the once-lauded qualities of irreverence, sarcasm, and satire. We tell it like it is – hideous and nauseating as that may be – and we do it with humor, wit, and style. We speak Truth to the New Power so you can know you are not alone! Join the intellectual rebellion against the stifling oppression of Progressivism. Our weapons are mockery, scorn, and ridicule, with laughter as our battle cry.



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