Coming Attractions!

And pictures, too, of much more attractive folks than your own Prince of Whitebread. One of the cool things about being in New York City was the opportunity to meet, at last and in the flesh, Scary Smart Jamie K. Wilson and the mysterious and alluring Ms. Always Right.  We also had a chance to meet Igor’s girlfriend, Matilda.  She has her own air of mystery, as well.

Matilda, Igor’s girlfriend, does not suffer fools (or Princes) lightly.



Naturally, The Prince, Scary Smart, and Ms. Always Right plotted some future Riotous activities before things took an ugly turn  (as soon as our lawyers give us the go ahead, we’ll post evidence of that). One planned act of insurrection is a forthcoming Wikipage for “Truesbury.” We’ll let you know when that’s up.

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