Time to start using the “F word”

The U.S. is in full-blown crisis, but eerily, no one is talking about it. The shiny object on the news this morning is a dress that changes colors. If that doesn’t distract enough people, the media has even begun desperately admitting that ISIS is chopping off heads in Syria. Anything to misdirect the masses while full-on fascism takes hold of the Land of the Free.


That’s right, I said it. Fascism. To be sure, the fascism of Obama’s America has replaced the 20th century nationalism aspect with racialism and other grievance identities – generations of anti-American schooling have left citizens with nothing but negative feelings for their homeland – but the division of human beings into superficial groupings is a classic feature of fascism. Balkanization and anti-patriotic conditioning have left few people who care enough to defend the U.S.

All the structures of classic fascism are already in place: Left-controlled mass media; government-run industry and markets, with attendant cronyism and corruption; menacing mobs, in the form of race rioters, union thugs, immigration rioters, and Occupiers, all stoked and supported by our national leaders; shock troops, embodied by armed federal agencies; fraudulent elections, enabled by removal of ID requirements while illegal voters are imported by the millions; and scapegoating, in this case blaming all lack of “progress” on evil-racist-sexist-bigoted-homophobic Tea Partiers-Conservatives-Republicans who don’t toe the line. All that is left is to bring the hammer down.

“Dictatorship does not create Fascism; Fascism creates Dictatorship,” runs the adage. (Apologies to the originator of this quote; your adage stuck in my memory, but your name did not.) America has been rendered fascist by years of conditioning. (If you haven’t already, make some popcorn and watch Yuri Bezmenov explain the process.) Now it is only for the dictatorship to emerge.

Obama dictates and his heavily armed agencies do. He says, “Legalize this hostile immigrant invasion,” and DHS does it. He says, “Disarm the citizens,” and BATFE does it. He says, “Nationalize healthcare,” and HHS, the IRS, and the U.S. Treasury Department make it so. Obama says, “I want the Internet,” and the FCC gives it to him. The legislative function of Congress is completely bypassed. “We’ve expanded my authorities,”  El Presidente helpfully explains.

The fascists are out in the open now. It is breathtaking to watch this unfold, more so to see the lack of public reaction. This is how it happens, I guess. This will be the point in time that future generations point to and say, “There! That’s when they should have done something.”

But I also know I am far from the only American who feels this way. Can we still stop the descent into totalitarian horror? Who will lead us? What is to be done?

If we make it to any sort of fair election in 2016, there are actually decent leaders to choose from, so I am yet hopeful of a peaceful, political solution. But Obama’s strategy is clearly to do as much damage as possible while he can, with the understanding that it takes years for the courts to halt it and by then, the “change” will have become entrenched and intractable.

So between now and then, it is time for states to assert themselves and their rights and prevent these changes from occurring. Kudos to every state that refused to set up an Obamacare exchange; your legal relief is likely coming in June. Likewise, states must refuse to comply with other dictates from D.C. Do not allow yourselves to become landing zones for illegal immigrant colonies. If your citizens voted for identification requirements at the poll, enforce their decision. If your citizens define marriage as a man and a woman, issue only those licenses; if your citizens want all couples to marry, issue all those licenses. Or stop issuing marriage licenses and issue civil union licenses, or stop tinkering in marriage at all. It’s the state’s decision, not the fascist government’s. Western states who are trying to get your land back from national clutches, keep up the good work. Alaska, drill where you see fit. Tell them they can come up there and stop you.

Businesses, too, could do much to avert the slide. Weapons and ammunition manufacturers, if you love America, stop arming government agencies. They have no business being militarized. And everyone else, get the hell out of the government’s bed. Have some goddamn self-respect and run your business as you see fit, not as your sugar daddy tells you. Want to build a pipeline? Build it. Want to sell guns to citizens? Sell them. Want to build a nuclear power plant? Build it. As Ayn Rand famously said, “The question is not, ‘Who will let me;’ it’s, ‘Who will stop me?'”

I am firmly against pot smoking and other forms of self-intoxication, but I grudgingly admit that the stoners got this one right before anyone else. Colorado and Washington defy federal law and run their states as they see fit. Ron Paul says he expects to see more of this sort of peaceful secession, where states simply ignore the overabundance of federal regulation and do as they please. I hope they do. I am deeply saddened that the United States is no longer a nation of laws, but that’s the hand we’re dealt now. Let’s play it.

3 comments for “Time to start using the “F word”

  1. Joe Public
    February 27, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    I believe it was Ron Paul, not Rand Paul, who made the statement about peaceful secession.
    Otherwise, great commentary!

    • Ms. Always Right
      February 27, 2015 at 7:36 pm

      So it was. Thanks for the catch! I have corrected the article.

  2. TAH
    February 27, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    Thank you. I have been saying this for years. If you want oil from ANWR, just go get it. Let all of the Keystone states build the pipeline across their individual states and allow it to just happen to connect at the boarders. Have state governments and state law enforcement agencies, particularly sherifs, stop working with, supporting, funding, aiding and following dictates of any federal agency.