Sabo soars to new heights of greatness

If you don’t already follow the work of guerrilla street artist “Sabo,” you must begin doing so immediately. Manifestly talented, he is also something rare in today’s culture: an artist who recalls the true purpose of art, which is to challenge society and make people think.

Please click here to read details about the magnificence of his latest stunt. He created and placed 16 posters along Sunday’s LA Marathon route. Each poster was a mile marker, and each represented another “grim milestone” of President Obama’s oppressive and corrosive tenure in office.

Mind you, this is in L.A. I can’t stop smiling, thinking about the shocked looks on the faces of all those good, pious little Progs.

Follow Sabo on Twitter here. Do it now. If you have a few extra scheckles, throw them his way. He’s doing great work.

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