More good news from the Culture Wars

We are just bursting with pride here at the Right-Wing Riot! Our own Prince of Whitebread is currently featured in the Books section on Glenn Beck’s juggernaut website

The Prince isn’t merely mentioned; his newly published novel, The Big Bang, is actually excerpted on The Blaze. We are so thrilled to see the Prince’s hard work being recognized and even more than that, to see the New Media piling success on success as we build our own counter-culture and go right around those pesky PC gatekeepers. Guess what, authors? You no longer have to please a feminist, elitist, close-minded cat lady from Brooklyn in order to publish a hit novel. Turns out, there’s a huge audience for entertainment that isn’t left-wing propaganda, and there are also plenty of enterprising Americans who are smart enough to figure that out.

We’ll enjoy watching the upcoming rounds of layoffs at the Big Six.


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