Why Progressives hate Christians … and how “Marriage Equality” is meant to work.

Progressives hate Christians because Christians will never bow to their authority. No matter how high an office Progressives hold, no matter how many regulations they pile on Christians, no matter how many push polls they publish, it doesn’t matter; Christians (and any truly faithful people) place no man’s rule above that of God.

Jesus got into all sorts of trouble because he taught these crazy ideas: every individual is sovereign; moral truth is higher than manmade law; and if you must choose between obeying man and obeying God, you obey God. Jesus, of course, got nailed to a tree for his trouble. In the present-day Middle East and Africa, Christians are meeting the same or similar gruesome fates for the same offense—refusing to bow before the demands of man and to renounce God. Even here in first-world America, Christians would rather lose their livelihood than disobey their faith.

And this is why Progressives, who are true authoritarians, hate Christians: Christians suck at being ruled over. (This is also why Libertarians need to accept the Faithful as their natural, best allies.)

A few years back, the Supreme Court created an immoral (to a Christian) law: a woman’s “right” to an abortion. This put Christians in the crappy spot of believing their government to be immoral. But at least Christians never had to refer to abortion as a sacrament.

Now, the Supremes are on the cusp of (maybe) creating another immoral law: the “right” to “marry” a person of the same sex.

Christians know that marriage is a sacrament, created by God for the purpose of fostering procreation. It is the one moral sexual arrangement as well as the best one for a healthy future society. But Christians will now be in the untenable position of being told to call same-sex couples “married,” and churches will be on the wrong side of the law. Christians will have to choose between obeying God and obeying man — and we know how that will go. Their home in the erstwhile Land of the Free is becoming more hostile by the day, 1A guarantee of free exercise notwithstanding.

If Progressives wanted to guarantee legal protection to same-sex couples WITHOUT trying to drive Christians from society, they would be content to call the union a Civil Union. They’re the ones trying to redefine marriage as nothing more than a simple contract between two consenting adults, after all. But they insist on attempting to force Christians to mouth the name of a sacrament when referring to these unions. They know that Christians (real Christians, not CINOs) will do no such thing. And then the fun can start.

To help illustrate the great divide between Caesar and the Lord, we at the Right-Wing Riot have prepared this short video. Sit back and enjoy, as the Progressive government prepares to hand America the great, big, sh*t hotdog that is “marriage equality.” Click the image below to watch.


Please understand that it gives me no pleasure to post this. I have many gay couples in my life, all of whom I care for and respect. Their loving relationships are not the issue here; the issue is that allowing the gub’mint to define a crucial institution like Marriage, which long predates our government and is really not part of its jurisdiction, ultimately diminishes the institution. The only solution is for the government to recognize Civil Unions and stay out of the Marriage business altogether. It pains me to say this, but it’s the truth … Gay Marriage or Religious Liberty: there can be only one.

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