A little “Trues” love

Our little thumb-in-the-eye of good liberal enablers everywhere, “Truesbury,” keeps turning up.  It’s gratifying to know we’ve made it onto some Reddits, to see people posting links to “Trues” in the comments of various blogs.  And just this week, we received a really nice compliment from yet another good soul unknown to us who yet knows of our work.

In his blog RobertByron22 wrote about Garry Trudeau and His Lack of Self-Awareness, which was a pretty kind way of saying GT’s vision of himself as brave outsider speaking Truf To Powah is masturbatory nonsense.  He ended with these kind words:

“P.S. Truesbury is a satiric version of the strip that accurately demonstrates how one takes on authority rather than kowtowing to it,” and included our “It’s Not Black and White” strip as an example.


Read his whole post here.

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