Writers! Contribute to an upcoming Short Fiction anthology!

We Conservative-Libertarian types often complain that the entertainment world is run by hardcore leftists, and it’s near impossible to find something to read that doesn’t offend or annoy us at some point. Why doesn’t someone do something about it? (Not counting our own Prince of Whitebread, of course.)

Are you a writer? Want to help broaden the culture? Tom Tinney (author and purveyor of ConservativeBiker.com), is putting together an anthology of short fiction by Conservative-Libertarian authors, and he is looking for submissions. Here’s a description of the project:

Welcome to the “Right Turn ONLY” Anthology (working title). The anthology we are putting together will be based around basic rights. Your story should incorporate, highlight or otherwise integrate one or more of the rights, Ideas or  items brought up in the Declaration of Independence or US Constitution’s Bill of Rights (First ten amendments). This can include a story embodying the loss of those rights and ideals,as well as the consequences.

You do not have to include those documents, just the themes and ideas they represent. The stories can be Mysteries, SciFi, Fantasy or just about any other genre (Except Romance and Erotica, sorry).

If you are interested, you should touch base with Tom by July 22 by clicking here. Please do! We need something good to read.


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