Dear Rihanna

Dear Rihanna,

It’s time for you to step back and think long and hard about what you have become.


Not two months before you released your video for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” an affluent family and their housekeeper were tortured and murdered in their home in Washington, D.C. In an ordeal that went on for ten hours, Savvas Savopoulos was tied to a chair, from which he watched his 10-year-old son, Philip, being tortured. Savvas was eventually beaten to death with a baseball bat. Amy Savopoulos was a pretty woman with long, honey-colored hair. Also helplessly tied to a chair, she was stabbed and beaten to death. Savvas and Amy’s young son’s body was found in another room, burned beyond recognition. The murdered body of housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa was also recovered at the scene, in the same room and roughly the same condition as the other two adults.

I bet most people didn’t realize this would be a great idea for a music video! I guess that’s why you’re a star and they’re not. I wonder why you and your fun-loving cohorts stopped short of torturing and burning a young boy in your hilarious video for the song, “Bitch Better Have My Money.” That was just about the only thing missing in your violent, brutal, conscienceless, horror-show video.

Rihanna, you know about these things … Do you think Metallica should re-start their career by releasing an “edgy” video where the band members play police officers who torture and shoot unarmed youth? Wait, no, never mind – we wouldn’t want their fans to start thinking this behavior was somehow morally acceptable, even glamorous, now would we?

Did you know Amy and Savvas Savopoulos had two teenaged daughters, who are now the only surviving members of their immediate family? Young girls are the majority of your fan base, Rihanna. Wouldn’t surprise me if these young ladies counted themselves among your admirers. Let’s hope really hard they didn’t try to take their minds off their grief by innocently checking out your newest video release.

Daron Dylon Wint and his accomplices tortured their victims long and hard enough to get $40,000 in cash delivered to them. I wonder if they enjoyed wallowing in it as much as you enjoy wallowing in your cash. That was a really cool scene at the end of your video, by the way; so inspirational and empowering for your young fans, like the Savopoulos sisters.

Rihanna, you have been gifted with so much in your life – beauty, talent, physical grace, and fame. Imagine the positive, constructive things you could do with these gifts.

Then watch your video to see what you are doing instead.

Then take a good, long, hard look at yourself. For a beautiful woman, you have become incredibly ugly.

Your friend,
Ms. Always Right

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