Your Saintly Abuela Knows Best

Hillary Clinton’s Hispandering is tone-deaf as usual, and as usual, LibProgs give her a free pass on the sorts of statements that would make LibProg heads explode if uttered by an Evil Republican(tm).
Like this: “She knows what’s best.”
How much more materalistic/paternalistic can you get ? This multi-millionaire, who hasn’t driven her own car in nearly a decade, knows better than me (or you) about, well, everything (climate change, email server security, gun deaths, etc), so don’t worry your pretty little head about it and just do what you’re told, mija.
If Ted Cruz had uttered such an insultingly insipid line, Tampon-earring female commentators would be working themselves up into a panty-wetting fury, sputtering about “the patriarchy” or “taking away women’s agency!”
But it’s a Saintly Democrat(tm), so of course, it’s not an issue.

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