America, can you hear me?

No, not you guys.  America Ferrera, actress and Hillary’s newest BFF in waiting, wrote a panting love letter to Hillary Clinton entitled “Why Hillary Clinton Thrills the Hell Out of Me.” It began thusly:  There is a view, often expressed on my social media feeds, which maintains that I am voting for Hillary Clinton because I’m a stupid, uninformed, misguided feminist who only knows how to vote with her ignorant vagina.”


I felt compelled to respond (and not just because she was talking about her naughty bits).

Ms. Ferrera, I have no knowledge of your vagina’s intellect nor its academic qualifications, so I can’t speak to that. However, I do have a background in IT and I also possess some Google skills, and I’m going to be so bold as to point out a few things that you might have missed while you were imagining all those cozy, wine-tinted Netflix binges with your new BFF.

First, if you did a wee Google search on Hillary’s positions on, well, almost anything, you’d see that she’s held them all.

Depending on how politically convenient a position was at that moment in time, she embraced it. Gay marriage is just one example where she flipflopped like a gaffed catfish. At one time, “Marriage is between one man and one woman, ya’ll!” But, hey, those all-important Hollywood donations started drying up, and all of sudden, she $aw the light and her story changed. “Gay Marriage…it’s great! And anybody who’s against it is a bigot, I tell you!”

Here’s a more recent (and impolitic) example of Hillary on both sides of the story. That wacky GOP fantasy Benghazi. The very same day Ms. Clinton released a statement to the press blaming the embassy attack on inflammatory material from an internet video, she was telling the Egyptian Prime Minister the event had nothing to do with the film. So on the same day, she’s telling two different stories, depending on her audience and what she wants to get from them. But, hey, she lied, Obama lied, Susan Rice lied, and Obama got re-elected, so it’s all good.

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You are younger than me, so it’s easy for you to have overlooked Hillary’s War on Bill’s Women over the last 30 or 40 years. And you might have been busy working on your new TV series and not followed the curious story of the Clinton Foundation and the, shall we say, generous donations she’s received from women-oppressing/gay murdering governments. To say nothing of the hidden speech payments to Bill, the shell-corporations, the huge speaking fees she got from Evil Corporate America (that’s a different America from you, as I have no information at all that you are Evil).

Then there is the case of her personal email server. I’ve been in corporate IT for over 15 years, and to put it briefly: if anyone in a corporation had handled their emails the way Ms. Clinton had, they would have been out on the street before they had time to clear out their desk. If, for instance, they had been handling confidential financial information with that special Clinton cache, they’d in be in jail. (And, seriously, Ms. Ferrara: how could Hillary have conducted business as Secretary of State if she never “sent or received classified emails” at her primary email address?)

Let me pose it to you another way. You’re a self-employed business woman. You probably have someone who does your taxes. Let’s say you thought they were handling your taxes in an improper manner. So, you maybe even go to court over it. Demand all of your accountant’s records so they may be thoroughly investigated. Come court day, the accountant’s lawyer says “Hey, here’s about half of what we had. We went through them first and deleted all the non-relevant information.” Would you, as a businesswoman wanting to know if you’d be cheated, or your lawyer, or judge, accept that behavior from the person you were investigating?

I submit you wouldn’t put up that kind of nonsense. You’d rightly suspect this hypothetical accountant was doing everything they could to hide incriminating information from you. Yet, that is exactly what Hillary Clinton did when told to produce her email records. She decided which messages the investigating authorities needed to see, deleting about 30,000 of them and turning over the rest. And she also “wiped” the non-standard, non government-approved server she was using before handing it over with a “What, little ole me and a server? Why, I nevah!” line of bullshit.83650543

There’s an old screenwriter’s adage in Hollywood, maybe you’ve heard it: “Action IS Character.” If you really looked at Hillary’s actions, that would tell you everything you need to know about her character. So, ma’am, I’d like to suggest that if Hillary Clinton is thrilling you, it’s because you haven’t really been paying attention.

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  1. Judith Trammell
    April 20, 2016 at 1:20 am

    Excellent post! You go Mr. “Whitebread”!