Perspective makes all the difference



Per my betters at The Atlantic: “Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has provoked a wave of misogyny—one that may roil American life for years to come.”

Where the writer of this article sees misogyny (and do be sure to let me know when he writes a story on the “comics” at the roast of Rob Lowe who spent a great deal of time reaching deep into their well of creativity to call Ann Coulter a c*nt), there are those of us who see something else at play in the dislike and distrust of Hillary Clinton. That would be those of us who haven’t worked inside the Democrat Machine or Academia or in dependably Leftist House Organs like The Atlantic for decades.  Folks like that tend to have a different perspective.

People who have actually worked for a living (had to produce an objective product v. puke out what the polls require this week); say people who have worked in any large corporation that toils under the watchful regulatory eye of the US Government. Those folks know, for example, how if one failed to keep safe the required backups of emails demanded by one’s regulatory overseer (such as the IRS did while under subpeona), somebody would fired, if not in jail.

One of the many (not “one”) devices used to check classified emails from her unsecured server.

People with real world experience in National Security understand quite clearly that if they had lost 13 digital devices with classified information on them, they would be getting their Christmas Cards in Leavenworth, not at a multi-million dollar home in Chappaqua, New York.

People with just the tiniest bit of IT experience understand that one doesn’t build a server “by accident.” They understand that if they were told to turn over the server and their emails while under subpeona and they decided the requesting legal authority only needed to see half of what was requested, they understand they would be held in contempt, if not jailed.

Among the more cheerfully specious observations (by a writer who relies a lot on “social science” research, which is a whole ‘nother bag of self-fulfilling nonsense) comes this explanation:  “Growing paranoid is easy when, because of your gender, people really are out to get you.” I doubt he’d be as forgiving if Ann Coulter suggested that the attacks against her were because she is a woman.


Where the writer of this article sees people having a poor opinion of Hillary because she happens to have a vagina, there are a large number of citizens who see a demonstrably corrupt and law-breaking public official being given a free pass because she is a Democrat with a vagina.  There is a big difference and I wonder how purposefully obtuse the writer of the Atlantic piece has to be to not see it.

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  1. Mike
    November 12, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    >>Per my betters at The Atlantic: “Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has provoked a wave of misogyny—one that may roil American life for years to come.”

    Leftist continue to demonstrate that they all should be on meds and in an insane asylum. They live in a disconnected reality concocted in their imaginations from their own propaganda.