Why Trump?

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(Note:  this post was written at the request of the German news outfit Tages Anzeiger which had interviewed me as their token “conservative novelist” before the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  They wanted an Op-Ed written the day after the election, on a subject of my choice.  I actually completed this piece the morning of the election and sent it off with the subject line “Win, lose, or come the revolution.”  Not sure if they’re going to publish it <they might have been hoping for “Why Trump Lost”>so I’m publishing it here)

(Second note:  had to redirect from my novel site as the traffic there was killing it)

Why Trump?

This seems to be the question a lot of perplexed Europeans are asking of Americans:  “Why in the world would you vote for Trump?”

Before we begin, google the term “JournoList” and the name “Jonathan Gruber.”  I’ll wait.

Quickly, you’ll discover that JournoList was a private email list made up of a number of writers and reporters for major news organizations in the United States.  In 2008, this private email list of the people who craft and create the news presented to Americans declared themselves the “unofficial Barack Obama election committee.”  They were preplanning smears of critics of the glory that would be the First Black President of the US, all the while claiming to be objective journalists whose only interest was the (uppercase “T”) Truth.  Note that many of these propagandists are still employed by major news organizations, which commonsense and Wikileaks tells you all you need to know about the eager collusion between the Press and one political party that is so (D)ear to their hearts.

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Jon Gruber was an MIT economist caught on tape repeatedly sharing the strategy of lies and obfuscation that he and the Obama White House exquisitely crafted to help sell ObamaCare to a credulous public (no doubt helped along by the unofficial “Ain’t Obama Great Club” of dependable #JournoListers).  Curiously, when testifying before Congress, he had a most convenient memory lapse, which somehow escaped deeper scrutiny by the Fourth Estate.


And the fact that even savvy, intelligent Europeans (like the Swiss journalist who originally interviewed me) haven’t heard about either of these deceptive groups and individuals might begin to give you a clue as to “Why Trump?”

The fact that Liberal and Progressive Americans might know about them and don’t give a damn is an even more obvious hint.

You see, my European friends, many Americans are on to the fact they have been lied to. Repeatedly and deliberately misled.   And then these folks, most of whom are reasonable people, are told they’re crazy when they complain about the tissue of lies.

They have seen how a stupid statement uttered by any unimportant Republican anywhere (say on “rape” or “abortion”) is instantly broadcast for days on end and declared to be a verifiable Blanket Statement of Belief for All Conservatives for All Time, while similarly stupid statements  by Democrat politicians are completely ignored or elided.

A lot of Americans have noticed that the only Black Lives That Matter are those that can be blamed on the System or the Police, while the vast majority of black victims of murder (82% – 90% of them, depending on your data source) who are killed by other blacks Don’t Matter At All.

A number of Americans have been struck by the vigor with which our newspapers of record (New York Times and Washington Post) hunted for something terrible to say about Mitt Romney––an authentically decent human being who has done a myriad of charitable works well out of the public eye––and how the Recorders were forced to find a third-hand story suggesting that a teen-aged Romney maybe gave an undesired haircut to a classmate half a century before.  Meanwhile, Americans know that many, many well-sourced tales are available about Hillary Clinton’s abominable verbal abuse toward those she considers her inferiors, but those stories are not front page news for weeks at a time, nor do the Kool Kidz Komedians like Jon Stewart hammer the story on cable night after night so the wanna-be Kool Kidz know what attitude is righteous and hip.

The examples could go on and on.   How unfettered access to abortion (a “right” which is addressed nowhere in the US Constitution) is defended by Liberals to the metaphoric death, while those same choice-loving Liberals insist that explicit rights contained in the Constitution––such as “the right to keep and bear arms”––must be subject to their common-sense restrictions.   Or compare the treatment of Sarah Palin’s hacked emails (“crowdsourcing,” anyone?) and the studious downplaying of the WikiLeaks trove of Hillary Clinton, Inc., emails by the New York/Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post.  To say nothing of the vile language directed at conservative women by good liberal “comedians,”using vocabulary that would cause a spate of panty-wetting editorials and spawn a legion of ardent protests if aimed at liberal womyn.


Americans, contrary to the judgement of our betters in New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, aren’t stupid.


And they finally said “Bullshit” to the lies.

They declared “Bullshit” to one legal standard for the anointed (like Hillary Clinton) and another set of laws for those with less impressive political standing.

They called “Bullshit” to one journalistic standard for anyone identified as an Enemy of The Correct People, and a slavishly obsequious tongue-bath standard of covering up for and protecting The Correct People.

They know it’s “Bullshit” to hear, when politically convenient, that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” and yet find themselves called racist, sexist (or whatever the ist du jour is) for merely questioning the policies or direction of the country.

They clearly identify as “Bullshit” the notion there is a “War on Women,” especially when told that by the same group of cheerleaders who happily overlook the history of Hillary Clinton’s husband as an accused rapist, sexual harasser and predator…a fellow who just so happened to give the 2012 Democrat Convention speech nominating Barack Obama.

Americans wanted an Arthur, a noble leader with a fairly pure heart, to stand  against the many forces of darkness that have propped up and glamorized a corrupt, incompetent, and incontinent Hillary Morgana le Fey Clinton for decades.

Sir Mordred, H J Ford. so emo.:

Instead, we got Mordred, who comes from a sketchy, politically incestuous background.  Sure, he’s loud, brash, and vulgar enough to point out that if major American Media––both the “news” part and the “entertainment” part––isn’t in bed with Hillary, they’re damn sure making her coffee every morning and singing her to sleep every night.  However, Mordred Donald says he’s ready to tear down their castles, to level the playing field.

A lot of conservative Americans wanted someone else.  But you know what?  He’s the candidate we got.

So, while the question is “Why Trump?” the answer isn’t merely “Absolutely Anybody but Hillary.”  The full answer is this: “The hell with her and the palace eunuchs who have lied about her––and about us––for decades.”

That is why Trump.

(Read more from Roy M. Griffis at:  roymgriffis.com)

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  1. Peter Van Eeuwen
    November 13, 2016 at 2:37 am

    Well put. Thanks.

  2. Lloyd Davies
    December 19, 2016 at 11:17 am

    Never in the field of journalism have so many been fooled and hoodwinked by so few. /with apologies to WC/