Unpacking Protest Privilege

No one must stand for the anthem. Or salute the flag. Or put hand over heart. Some people consider those respectful actions.

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If somebody wants to make a statement, so be it, because, you know, there’s that wacky First Amendment that protects peacefully dissent.

(Hey, can we go all Antifa and make disrespecting the flag “Hate Speech?”

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If we do that, we’ll get all kinds of support from our betters, since Hate Speech is banned in the First Amendment…I jest, I jest…)

However, we have noticed that some protests are more righteous than others.

Religious convictions against gay marriage? BAKE THE CAKE.


Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes By Melissa, have been ordered to pay $135,000 in damages to a lesbian couple after they refused to bake them a wedding cake in 2013. The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) awarded the damages for “emotional suffering.”

Belong to a religion that opposes birth control and abortion? YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR BIRTH CONTROL AND ABORTION ANYWAY.

(that is, until you’ve burned through thousands of dollars fighting the case all the way to the Supreme Court.  And if you don’t have thousands of dollars to fight the Government?  YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT ANYWAY because it’s bigoted and sexist to expect a woman to be responsible enough to manage her own birth control).

Want to support specious protests inspired by Only Some Black Lives Matter, so you kneel during the National Anthem (in violation of your employers’ rules, by the way)?

That’s speaking truth to Trump!  And the Better-sorts of people go wild in support!

Actors from canceled TV series

Actors from soon-to-be canceled TV series

Sharia-lovin’ woman in red, who’s anxious for us all to kneel.


But for a lot of the crowds…these protests weren’t quite as much of a hit.  Not that you would know it from the Network’s coverage, since most of them made the conscious decision not to to show angry fans deploring the protests.

Pravda’s Praetorian Guard (currently led by Commissars Colbert, Kimmel, and Handler) would have you believe that any disgust or even disapproval of these #WokerThanThou actions can only be inspired by racism or idolatrous allegiance to Old Glory.

Commissar Handler in Party-required Pussy-hat

They want to keep enforcing the old rules.  Only the #Correct acts of conscience will be allowed and approved: all others are #DoublePlusUngood, Proles, and the power of the State will be brought against you for your #WrongThink.

That used to work (pre-Internet, when Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather were among the most trusted men in America), but their control is slipping.  The WolkFolks who keep reminding us how much wiser they are than us benighted conservatives (especially those Self-Haters of Color) overlook a simple fact:

Many Americans are god damned sick and tired of the double standard.

We’re saying to the NFL, to their Pravda cheerleaders, and to the rest of the Kneeling Knobs:

  • Get back to us when a Christian whose conscience demands #Resistance is just as important as a demonstration by a pro-choice woman.
  • Maybe we’ll talk when you offer as much support to the victims of AntiFa’s carefully rebranded version of fascism as you do to the thugs who  were rioting, destroying property, and attacking people they imagine are “Nazis” (people you’re quite happy to have them assault, because it sends the “right” message).
  • Hell, we’d be willing to have a discussion just as soon as you get around to recognizing that All Black Lives Matter, not just the ones that are useful for smearing the police.

Until then?

Check your #ProtestPrivilege, you preening morons.


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