They’ve got to be putting us on.


I watched the CatCalling video so you don’t have to.  And I am going to be blunt here, there are some really terrible things said in the video.  This is your Trigger Warning.  If you are easily offended you may wish to stop reading now.


Okay, here goes:  I’ve culled some of the worst things this brave young woman had to endure.

  • “How you doin’ today?”
  • “What’s up beautiful, have a good day.”
  • “How are you this morning?”
  • “Have a nice evening.”
  • “Hey, how you doin’, good?”

This is soul-crushing.  My god, have these men no humanity??


Okay, I’m being a little sarcastic.  This young woman walked around “all areas of Manhattan” for ten hours, supposedly capturing over 100 instances of verbal harassment.  The examples above came directly from the video.  Of course there were some low class douchebags who were way out of line and there was at least one nutjob who just followed her silently (hey, it’s New York City:  “Come for the Broadway Shows, Stay for the Homeless Mental Patients”), but the majority of the “harassment” was on par with the quotes above.

Which brings me to my real question:  Are Feminists Really This Stupid?  They can’t really believe they are advancing their cause by posting this kind of drivel, where the most innocuous of social pleasantries are considering “verbal harassment.”

The most ardent Gender Feminists are already infantilizing women more than any public-hairless Playboy Pin-ups ever did, with the imposition of Consent Statutes because poor college womyn are just too cowed by Male Privilege to say “Hell, no, loser”  (to say nothing of the fact a signed consent document turns adult nighttime gymnastics into something about as fun as putting together a Bunderfluuggen from Ikea, with equally incomprehensible documentation).

Can real Feminists seriously believe women are so fragile, so completely without agency that they must  be protected by law from the depredations of mean, awful men?  That Womyn must be shielded from everything in life that is unpleasant by the full force of law?  And, in fact, if you make a choice you later regret, you don’t have to accept any responsibility for your own poor decision-making skills.  Why, no, you can completely recast the whole experience months later and decide it’s “rape.”

So, nothing is ever your fault, and everything you want, when you want it, is your right.

Feminists can’t possibly be that stupid.

On the other hand, they think Lena Dunham is a feminist icon.

Okay, maybe they are that stupid.






1 comment for “They’ve got to be putting us on.

  1. margot
    November 5, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Well, they do call it progressivism right on the tin. Since all the sane battles have already been won, now it’s time to march our banners off a cliff!