Ferguson: Slow-Motion Train Wreck


Here the nation sits, not thinking ahead to the food, family and festivities that normally occupy our thoughts at this time of year, but rather huddled under a dark cloud and bracing ourselves for what we know is coming.

There will be riots. There will be loss of property and life. There will be elevated racial discord.

What a poignant opportunity for an African-American leader to step forward, to make one of his famous, inspiring speeches, and to lead the country away from animosity and towards peace and brotherhood!

But instead, we have President Obama.

It’s bad enough that he secretly met with the ringleaders of this domestic terrorism to advise them to “stay the course;” indeed, Obama and his henchmen created this situation in the first place. The day we say policemen need to sit still while towering thugs beat their faces in, take their guns, and shoot them if said thugs meet certain racial criteria is the day we stop being a law-and-order nation.

Although right now, it feels as though that day has already come. And so here we sit, cowering under the threat of Obama’s lynch mobs as we keep our mouths shut and seek not to be targeted for violence. We pray for the safety and peace of the people trapped in the communities that have been infected with this evil. And we pray for a leader who is uniquely qualified – half-black, half-white, yet! – to lead us all to that peace.

But instead, we have President Obama.

I, for one, am really sick of living this way.

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