PJ Media names Right-Wing Riot a Leader of Conservative Counter-Culture


The Riot is honored to be one of five Leaders of the Conservative Counter-Culture mentioned by David S. Bernstein in his recent PJMedia article. We recommend you read the entire article to learn about others. Also, be sure to check out the comments, naming still more leaders!

Right-Wing Riot wants to acknowledge our gracious host on Writestream Radio, our dear friend and a fine Patriot and Leader in her own right, Daria Anne DiGiovanni. Daria is many, many things (author, editor, ghost writer, to name a few) and among them, she is an internet radio pioneer.

Streaming live on Blog Talk Radio, the Writestream Radio Network was originally founded by passionate patriot, Pisces and wordsmith Daria Anne (author of the novel Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal). With four enthusiastic hosts and a multitude of insightful guests, the network rejoices in the flow of creativity by showcasing talented authors and experts in a variety of areas.

The current programming line-up includes Just Believe with Lisa Tarves, author, metaphysician and holistic health practitioner; Military Monday with military historian, journalist and author John D. Gresham; Writestream Tuesday with Daria Anne; Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss (a women’s lifestyle show) co-hosted by Lisa Tarves and Daria Anne; and The Speculative Fiction Cantina, hosted by best-selling author S. Evan Townsend

In June of 2014, the Right Wing Riot became part of Writestream Tuesday, airing in the second half of the show at 2 p.m. Eastern. Writestream Radio is thrilled to have the Luminaries of Liberty – Scary Smart, Ms. Always Right and The Prince of Whitebread – bringing their brand of public service satire to the network! 

Be sure to check out WriteStream Radio and add their many fine podcasts to your listening list!


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