An outstanding Young Adult/Adult novel!


A most unexpected delight by Ms. Heavey. While it is clearly a novel for Young Adults, I, as a bitter misanthrope of over 50, found it very compelling and even moving, which is a real testament to the strength of Kia’s writing and the story itself. I don’t want to get hung up on the plot, because a lot of the joy of the novel is in the discovery of the story and characters, but I found them very real: funny, fallible human beings that I wanted to know more about. One of Ms. Heavey’s gifts as a writer is the way she can slip in subtly disquieting events until the reader finds themselves in a place and story they did not expect. In short, this was a truly fine book that transcends the genre and deserves to be widely read.

The ebook version of Underlake is free December 5 thru 8 at Amazon.  And for parents who have bright young teen-aged girls who love to read, you could do worse than give them a paperback copy of this novel.  It manages to be intense, exciting, and respectful of those young women as individuals with both brains and a moral compass.  This book needs to be in every school library in America.



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