Ferguson-Style Mob Violence: Coming Soon to Your Town!

I think we all know the drill by now:

1. Manufacture a crisis.

2. Use said crisis as an excuse to nationalize whatever sector of American society you happen to covet at the moment.

Ferguson, Missouri is the crisis du jour and by gum, the Obama administration will fix the underlying problems and make it right! You may think the problem was that a hulking, doped-up street thug assaulted an armed, uniformed police officer who predictably and appropriately neutralized the threat. You may even think there isn’t really a problem, that everything worked as it was supposed to. You’d be wrong, of course: the REAL problem is our old friend, racism.

Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the other Community Organizers who run our country have wasted no time springing into action. Summits were held and Imperial Decrees (formerly known as Executive Orders) will soon be handed down. (As always, PowerLine blog has a clear-eyed assessment of what this means: It’s a federal intrusion into local and state police matters.)

Eric Holder has promised to “end racial profiling once and for all.” In other words, whenever a police action occurs involving a black suspect, that action will now be subject to federal review. Holder has also said the Justice Department (lolz) will now mandate review of any police action involving federally sourced equipment used during “significant” incidents (aka riots). Since almost all police departments receive gear (mostly small arms) and/or funding from the government, they will now all be subject to federal oversight of their operations. This decree also explains the secondary narrative that has sprung up about the “worrisome militarization” of our police forces – heavy military gear is pretty much only useful for quelling riots, and now its very use authorizes Holder to punish the department that uses it.

As things currently stand in our nation, mob actions like Ferguson occur in Progressive-owned and operated cities, where police departments are already compliant. But Obama and Holder want to spread the love to all towns, so that no community is safe from mob rule. When a correctly hued mob descends upon a community, the local and state authorities will now be cowed from acting to protect life and property. They know that they can be hauled up before the Holder Tribunal, have years of their lives, savings, and mental health wasted in kangaroo court proceedings, and ultimately face loss of livelihood, reputation, and even freedom, as becoming political prisoners is now a very real possibility.

When the police cede control of the streets to the mob, the mob becomes the police. Perhaps this is the “Civilian National Security Force” Obama mentioned with which he wants to achieve his “national security objectives”? It would require but a stroke of his infamous pen to deputize and outfit these thugs – a move that our leaders could easily declare a necessary remedy to our “broken” police system.


I would love to see polling numbers on how many Americans think their local police force is “broken” and requires Obama’s ministrations. I imagine it parallels the number who also thought their healthcare, the current immigration laws, and the internet were also “broken”: that is, not very many. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But I guess that, if you want to fix it anyway, you must first insist it is broken.

The only reason Europe hasn’t completely collapsed into the fascism of central planning and hostile immigration is because America exists. And the only reason global communists haven’t collapsed America is because of our First and Second Amendments. Americans speak up, and we bear arms. When the police cease to protect life and property, one of two things will happen; either America will collapse into mob rule fascism, or American citizens will do the job the police are being prevented from doing.

Either way, it won’t be pretty.


1 comment for “Ferguson-Style Mob Violence: Coming Soon to Your Town!

  1. Regular Guy
    December 2, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    Spot on. Thank you for being proactive in your post. This is an immediate threat as these people are moving very fast to put a strangle hold on the last bastian of US liberty