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Why Trump?

This seems to be the question a lot of perplexed Europeans are asking of Americans:  “Why in the world would you vote for Trump?”

Before we begin, google the term “JournoList” and the name “Jonathan Gruber.”  I’ll wait.

Quickly, you’ll discover that JournoList was a private email list made up of a number of writers and reporters for major news organizations in the United States.  In 2008, this private email list of the people who craft and create the news presented to Americans declared themselves the “unofficial Barack Obama election committee.”

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All the President’s Press: Adventures in the Protection Racket – Post Election Edition


To steal from ourselves, after the bitch-slapping the Democrats in general and Dear Leader in particular received from the mid-term elections, the fair and objective propagandists members of the press were quick to offer the kind of insight that only the highly educated could understand.

Herewith, a few of the more poignant and erudite headlines.

Mia Love: Representative From Nowhere

Utah's new congresswoman is a symptom of what happens when local elections are nationalized.

The always dependable Mother Jones casts a frosty eye on Mia Love, and finds her wanting.  Her resume is too thin, and she is only recycling talking points of her (dark) masters, the Tea Party!  Of course, when conservatives had the poor taste to point out the relatively few (okay, non-existant) accomplishments of a junior Senator from Illinois,

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Amazing what the press will do to save the agenda…


The Prince of Whitebread likes to do a segment on the radio show called “All the President’s Press.” There, he examines the way the leftist media provides cover for President Obama – and all public figures on the left – by suppressing information about their corruption and incompetence. Well, over at PowerLine blog, they’ve been reporting for a week now on a breathtaking security breach; apparently, the computer network in the Executive Office of the President was hacked recently by an outside party. Now, if a blog like PowerLine was aware of this story, you can bet other people in DC were as well. And it’s kind of a major big deal. But what do we hear from the journalists responsible for keeping our politicians honest? Crickets, as usual. Must be an election coming up or something…

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