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Educational Series Teaching Conservatives How to Be Funny

Hillary™ Caught on Video!

A surreptitiously recorded video recently popped up on the internet. It shows a desperate Hillary Clinton imploring a mysterious political operative known only as “Sarah” to save her sinking campaign. In her distress, Mrs. Clinton mispronounces “campaign” as “kayak.”

It’s kind of hard to watch, but the Right-Wing Riot brings it to you in the interest of covering ALL the news, not just the pretty stuff. Click on the image to go to the vid.


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Laughing with Liberals: “Uncle Joe and Whacky Hillary Edition”

Everybody knows Conservatives aren't funny, but The Right-Wing Riot is here to help! In a few short minutes, the most comedically constipated Conservative can learn about "irony" and other tools of humor used by their sophisticated Liberal friends. Before you know it, a Republican can be as funny as Vice-President Joe Biden or  Senator Hillary Clinton!

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