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Asking the Most Powerful Question to Protect Your Family

The question “What if…?” is arguably one of the most important questions humans have ever asked, right up there with “How come..?” By posing the problem “What if…” man allows himself to discover answers. Even a failed “What if…” provides the attentive viewer with information. Early Man may have asked “What if we poke that Saber Tooth Tiger in the testicles with a stick? Go ahead, you do it.” So he asked and so he learned. But “What if…” can also provide you with unexpected solutions, such as “What if a bunch of us Australopithecines teamed up against that mastodon,” which lead to the invention of the first all-you-can eat buffet, the benefits of which we enjoy even down to modern times.

Buffets aside, one of the problems of our modern times is the complexity and technological entanglement of the civilization we’ve built. The need to ask “What if…” is more important than ever, if for no other reason than the desire to protect family and clan. Because of the enormity of the factors to consider, the layman questioner could be overwhelmed with scenarios and data. That is where both Dr. James Jay Carafano and I (Roy M. Griffis, who IS the Prince of Whitebread) come riding to your rescue, albeit from opposite directions. The good Doctor hales from the direction of facts and experience, and myself from the land of fiction.

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Ethics Trainwrecks of 2014

This is a swipe share from the Prince's old buddy, Jack Marshall (Mr. Marshall directed one of the Prince's plays, way back in the last century).  As you'll see with the briefest of readings, not only is Jack Marshall, Esq. a Renaissance Man, he's a committed Ethics Warrior. Over at his site, Ethics Alarms, he regularly lays the wood to the unprincipled, the morally lax, and the downright skeevy.

The crown jewel of his ethical art has to be his yearly roundup of miscreants and creeps,  The Sixth Annual Ethics Alarms Awards: The Worst of Ethics 2014 (Part 1).  Below, I've presented just a sample of his bludgeoning of some of the most ethically compromised figures of the year.  Really, read the whole thing!  (and, after your shower, take a moment to thank Jack for selflessly wading in the muck all year so you didn't have to)


The Sixth Annual Ethics Alarms Awards: The Worst of Ethics 2014 (Part 1)

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Ferguson-Style Mob Violence: Coming Soon to Your Town!

I think we all know the drill by now:

1. Manufacture a crisis.

2. Use said crisis as an excuse to nationalize whatever sector of American society you happen to covet at the moment.

Ferguson, Missouri is the crisis du jour and by gum, the Obama administration will fix the underlying problems and make it right! You may think the problem was that a hulking, doped-up street thug assaulted an armed, uniformed police officer who predictably and appropriately neutralized the threat. You may even think there isn't really a problem, that everything worked as it was supposed to. You'd be wrong, of course: the REAL problem is our old friend, racism.

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Laughing with Liberals: “Uncle Joe and Whacky Hillary Edition”

Everybody knows Conservatives aren't funny, but The Right-Wing Riot is here to help! In a few short minutes, the most comedically constipated Conservative can learn about "irony" and other tools of humor used by their sophisticated Liberal friends. Before you know it, a Republican can be as funny as Vice-President Joe Biden or  Senator Hillary Clinton!

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Who checks the privilege of the Privilege Checkers?

(key educational quote at 1:27 – 1:29)

Ah, there are so many things to keep up with in the Progressive Paradise.  If we’re not worrying about our carbon footprint, we have to be aware of our heteronormitivity.  For Liberals, the sins of Conservatives are manifest and manifold.  Like “privilege.”

White and Male Privilege, particularly.  For the oppressed who don’t know they’re oppressed, allow me to borrow an explanation from BoingBoing.  “If you’re one of the privileged people, the privileges you receive are often completely invisible to you (emphasis added). So invisible, in fact, that you don’t even think of those things as privileges, and you don’t notice how they’ve made your life easier and better.”

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Amazing what the press will do to save the agenda…


The Prince of Whitebread likes to do a segment on the radio show called “All the President’s Press.” There, he examines the way the leftist media provides cover for President Obama – and all public figures on the left – by suppressing information about their corruption and incompetence. Well, over at PowerLine blog, they’ve been reporting for a week now on a breathtaking security breach; apparently, the computer network in the Executive Office of the President was hacked recently by an outside party. Now, if a blog like PowerLine was aware of this story, you can bet other people in DC were as well. And it’s kind of a major big deal. But what do we hear from the journalists responsible for keeping our politicians honest? Crickets, as usual. Must be an election coming up or something…

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Susan Sarandon has “Moved On.”

Lou Cipher 3 Writestream

When I saw the header of this email, at first I thought Susan Sarandon was asking me out on a hot date.  

Imagine my disappointment.

We need to do something big, together

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

I'm going to keep this brief because, believe it or not, I don't really like speaking in front of large groups. And while this isn't exactly a speech, MoveOn members are actually a pretty big crowd.

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Riotous Recipes

At the special edition of the Right-Wing Riot Radio show today, your favorite Rioters shared their favorite drink recipes.

Prince Labeled

From Castle Whitebread came “The Siesta,” a favorite of the Prince and Princess.

  • 1 shot Tequila
  • 1 shot Sweet/Sour Mix
  • 1 shot frozen Passionfruit Concentrate (the most important ingredient)
  • Splash of lime juice.

Blend with ice until smooth, and enjoy!

From her closet, Ms. Always Right brought us her best Bloody Mary recipe:Ms. Always Right Labeled

• Place a queen-size Spanish olive in the bottom of a rocks glass.
• Cover with an ounce (or two, your call) of chilled, quality vodka.
• Add twice as much Clamato® juice as there is vodka.
• Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 tsp horseradish, and a dash of Tobasco® sauce
• Stir with a fork. Squeeze a generous measure of fresh lime juice into the glass.
• Drop in an ice cube or two and enjoy!

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