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Why Trump?

This seems to be the question a lot of perplexed Europeans are asking of Americans:  “Why in the world would you vote for Trump?”

Before we begin, google the term “JournoList” and the name “Jonathan Gruber.”  I’ll wait.

Quickly, you’ll discover that JournoList was a private email list made up of a number of writers and reporters for major news organizations in the United States.  In 2008, this private email list of the people who craft and create the news presented to Americans declared themselves the “unofficial Barack Obama election committee.”

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Today’s Neo-Victorian Feminists

Could today's Feminists be any more Victorian? Swooning onto their fainting couches, they concoct fantasy after fantasy of being ravished by big, bad, strong – irresistible – Republicans. With pounding hearts and moist loins, they beat their tiny fists helplessly against their attackers' rock-hard chests, but to no avail. They are taken, good and hard, but against their will, of course! No properly raised, respectable feminist would ever give herself willingly to one of those cruel, heartless, (manly, hot) men of the right.

I think we all know what's going on here. No one has worked harder than the feminist to discourage and destroy manliness in our culture, and understandably, no real man will have anything to do with her. Sure, she has Pajama Boy in her bed, but he just isn't doing it for her. Why doesn't that chiseled, masculine, maddeningly aloof man over there want her? By the goddess, he will want her!


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