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The First Casualty

Welcome, Instapundit readers.  This is a mirror from my site,, which was wiped out in the devoutly-to-be-wished-for Instalanche.

(Note:  this is the original English version of an Op-Ed piece I was asked to write for Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger on what the election means for the United States)

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Trump won.

That surprised not only the Hillary faithful, but a lot of conservatives as well, including me.  Because, frankly, most of us (including the candidate herself) figured the end of this movie had already been written.

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Why Trump?

This seems to be the question a lot of perplexed Europeans are asking of Americans:  “Why in the world would you vote for Trump?”

Before we begin, google the term “JournoList” and the name “Jonathan Gruber.”  I’ll wait.

Quickly, you’ll discover that JournoList was a private email list made up of a number of writers and reporters for major news organizations in the United States.  In 2008, this private email list of the people who craft and create the news presented to Americans declared themselves the “unofficial Barack Obama election committee.”

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The Wrath of a Righteous Wife

The Rib and I at a family reunion two years ago.

The Rib and I at a family reunion two years ago.

Had shoulder surgery last Friday.  I was trying to be tough on Monday and skipped the pain meds, figuring I'd only need those to sleep.

I was sadly incorrect.  When the ortho doc heard my story, he encouraged me to use them.  So I dutifully swallowed them down when I got home.  Damn, what a difference.

So I'm writing this while under the influence.   My son happened to be home from college this weekend, and so he and I spent some time watching movies and chatting, as the shoulder surgery rendered me useless for our usual pursuits (bike riding, getting pizza, that sort of thing).  Tuesday, as we were driving down for my post-op appointment and to drop him off at the airport, he asked if I'd found a place in BTHOM4 for an interesting bit of history he'd uncovered.  I told him yes.

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It’s up to us…

This used to be my ride to work.

This used to be my ride to work.

Or so I claim in this interview with Historical Fiction author, Maria Grace.

“You can outsource your compassion (and outrage), or you can do something with your own sweat, toil, and money to change the world around you right now. It’s up to us to make God real in the world. We are God’s hands and feet, we are the miracles He promised.”

It was a fun interview.

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Today in Weird

A photographer, I ain't.

A photographer, I ain't.

A few weeks ago, I commented on a book ("The Sword and Shield"), which covered, in 732 pages, the KGB archives that came out with a Russian Defector.  It dealt with nearly 80 years of the USSR's attempts to influence and coerce.  The scarier tidbits (and there were a lot) covered how Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration was riddled with communist agents, the stories the Reds planted with the press to derail Presidential candidates (a job the press now does cheerfully for free against the "wrong sorts").  Assassination (both character and mortal), overthrows, plots, millions of dollars a year to the "innocent" American Communist Party, to say nothing of their insanely focused efforts to steal technology from the US (from the Atomic Bomb on down).  It is very sobering stuff (hidden weapons caches in the US), and ought to be required reading for anyone interested in the Secret History of History.

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Celebrate Hillary’s Ascension!

Im with Herd 3 x 10

In convenient bumper stick size, in case you see any heretics whose incomplete bumper stickers need a touch up. Easy to download and print ready!

That's right, kids!  Hillary Rodham Clinton (who has a vagina) is days away from beatification by the Democrat National Committee and the major American press as the Democrat candidate for President of These Racist, Sexist, United States.

So, join all your accomplished betters like Hollywood's Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer, DC's Michelle Obama and Cherokee Princess Elizabeth Warren, and everybody's favorite failure, Battlin' Bernie Saunders in saying "I'M WITH HERD!"

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Mid-western modesty

Tends to forbid me from singing my own praises.  It’s not natural for me to tout reviews for my work.

Back in Nebraska (the Nebraska of both my youth and my imagination), understated acceptance of praise was an art form in itself, because, hell, everybody who worked the fields, everybody who had to get up before daylight to feed the animals before going to school, everybody knew the work was hard.  So when someone complimented your efforts, there had to be a touch of humility in your reply, along with a very wry acknowledgement that it was just your luck to be noticed.

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Progressive Superpowers

Pictured: fully vetted immigrant, adherent of religion of peace (tm)

Pictured: fully vetted immigrant, adherent of religion of peace ™

After the workplace violence Jihadi-inspired slaughter in San Bernardino, CA (less than 20 miles from where I write this), a lot of Americans are concerned.  Not so much about the deeply flawed visa system, but about our Liberal friends.  

We’re concerned about their insistence on allowing upwards of 10,000, mostly young male Syrian immigrants into the country.  It strikes some of us that using a system that cheerfully allowed a woman with a false address and murderous heart to enter the US seems like a problem.  And on further reflection, it occurs to us that using that same system to vet the largely unverifiable backgrounds of young men from a broken civil government could be, you know, uncool.

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