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Thank you, American Pharaoh

I must admit that, as I watched Victor Espinoza ride American Pharaoh to a flawless victory in the Belmont Stakes, I got a little something in my eye. I can’t remember the last time I saw pure beauty, competence, and excellence on glorious display like this. It was undeniable and true. Thank you, American Pharaoh, for reminding America what exceptionalism looks like.


At this tragic point in our history, we are used to being lied to. We are accustomed to our sick culture browbeating us about what we must believe is good, right, and beautiful. Bruce Jenner, we are told, in a corset and with the best plastic surgery and Photoshopping money can buy, is beautiful and courageous.

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Coming to an Internet near you: Prince of Whitebread on the Radio

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It is our pleasure and privilege to announce Roy Madison “Griff” Griffis as our distinguished guest Sunday, 31 May, on The Mark Skoda Show.   

Griff is a multi-talented novelist, satirist, and radio host who is a founding member of the “Right Wing Riot“, “the site where the creative minds of Ms. Always Right, Scary Smart, and the Prince of Whitebread (Griff) join together to unleash a little Public Service Satire”. As their site says: “If we have to keep pointing out that Emperor Dear Leader has no clothes, we might as well have some fun while we’re doing it.”  

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Why Progressives hate Christians … and how “Marriage Equality” is meant to work.

Progressives hate Christians because Christians will never bow to their authority. No matter how high an office Progressives hold, no matter how many regulations they pile on Christians, no matter how many push polls they publish, it doesn’t matter; Christians (and any truly faithful people) place no man’s rule above that of God.

Jesus got into all sorts of trouble because he taught these crazy ideas: every individual is sovereign; moral truth is higher than manmade law; and if you must choose between obeying man and obeying God, you obey God. Jesus, of course, got nailed to a tree for his trouble. In the present-day Middle East and Africa, Christians are meeting the same or similar gruesome fates for the same offense—refusing to bow before the demands of man and to renounce God. Even here in first-world America, Christians would rather lose their livelihood than disobey their faith.

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Dances with Irrationality

The guy who wrote “Dances With Wolves” died yesterday. To quote the Hollywood Reporter, “Michael Blake, who won an Academy Award for adapting the screenplay for Dances With Wolves from his own novel, has died. He was 69. Blake died peacefully after a lengthy illness on Saturday in Tuscon, Ariz.

Say what you will of the somewhat PC-softened portrayal of the Sioux, it was a damned enjoyable film (which became one of the more worthy Director’s Cuts I’ve ever seen), and I hope Mr. Blake was justly pleased with having been able to offer that to the world.

But the occasion of his passing reminds me of the time I realized, fully and personally, that Liberals are insane. And it was this picture that brought the exact moment to mind:


The photo above is at the Academy Awards in 1991, where Blake is accepting his Oscar for best adapted screenplay. With him is a remarkable woman named Doris Leader Charge, who at the time was a 60-year-old teacher at South Dakota's Sinte Gleska College. She was also one of the few humans on the planet fluent in the all-but lost Lakota Sioux dialect. She had been hired by the production company to help translate screenplay dialogue into the authentic speech of the Plains Indians, and worked closely with the actors throughout the filming. She was integral to the cultural and emotional verisimilitude of the film.  (Read More at "Truth Revolt"...)

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5 Deadly Director’s Cuts

Among the many blessings of civilization is the BluRay. BluRays (and DVDs and home video before them) meant that if you loved film, you, too, could finally own a copy of some classic like Casablanca and sigh over its greatness time and again. But like many other gifts of Western capitalist culture, there is a downside.

One of them is the “Director’s Cut.”

Film history would be a lot more boring without the stories of enfant terribles (and later, adult pain-in-the-asses) like Orson Welles battling against the men with the souls of accountants over their art. Most of the time, it turned out the accountants had a wicked right hook and the artist would end up on the canvas while their vision was butchered.

Some director’s cuts are good. Dances with Wolves added additional backstory without seeming like Costner was giving himself a public handjob. Peter Jackson hit the height of his craft as a director with the Lord of the Ringstrilogy, and he gave his fans more of what they wanted, more time in a Middle Earth that was both familiar and fantastic.

Then there are those… other efforts...

(Read more at PJ Media!)

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How Cool is This?

Some of you may not know I live in a little mountain town (which I used to refer to as "Mayberry on the Mountain").  I've lived here 14 years now, the longest I've ever been in the same home in my life.

As happens in any community, the service people and other folks will start to recognize you (even in big cities, people will get to know you, if you have any sort of routine).  Anyway, I was dropping by our small local library to return another book I hadn't had time to read ("The Watchers," about the first Queen Elizabeth's spy ring...looked fascinating) and one of the younger librarians hurried over.  "We ordered your book," she told me.  "We'll have you to sign it when it comes in."

"Great," I told her.  "And I want to get a picture of me with all the librarians."

"Of course!" she assured me with a big smile before heading back behind the counter.

How cool is that?


Typically, BabyKat was less than impressed.

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It’s Pulitzer Prize Week over @ “Truesbury!”

Yep, all of this week's strips are from 1974, the year Garry Trudeau found his voice and unleashed his satiric fury against those monsters in Washington, DC!  He skewered hypocrisy, mocked the pompous, and, oh, yeah, agitated for the removal of cor(R)upt public officials.  For his artistic brio and his keen-as-a-scalpel satire, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, the first ever so bestowed.

While we at the Riot will never achieve the august heights scaled by Comrade Trudeau -- well, there is this: Winner - 2014 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

-- but, regardless, we want to take a moment to recognize his achievement.  We know he's been awfully busy the past couple decades, but we wanted to honor the work he's done and the brilliant Torch of Truth he so proudly waved at Republicans everywhere.

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No fooling around here.

Gonna take a break from the satire to share the important work someone is doing.  Clearly, elephants hold a special place in the heart of the Right-Wing Riot (luv ya, Igor!), but this short video gives just a taste of the contributions a very kind and loving woman has been making for over 25 years in Nairobi, caring for orphaned elephants.

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Let’s talk about some real magic

Our own Prince of Whitebread, Roy "Griff" Griffis, talks writing, the magic and power of stories, and the world of his novel, "The Big Bang."

The novel is available in paperback at Amazon,Barnes & Noble, and other brick n' mortar sites.  You can get the ebook at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and over 20 other sites, and it's an audio book from Audible!

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