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“The Fire This Time,” which is the second volume of the Lonesome George Series (LG2, for short) is with the publisher and editors.  They’re doing their job.

Meanwhile, my copy-editor sent her notes on “Into the Flames,” volume two of the By the Hands of Men series.  I’ve been working on incorporating her notes into my ms.

Target release date for “Into the Flames:”  November 15.

And there is this.  Gentle Hans with the wee Schnitzel dog.

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Been Pretty Busy Lately…

BabyKat accepts no excuses.

BabyKat accepts no excuses.

Which is one reason our “Trues” output has slowed.  Only so many hours in the day.

Oh, how busy? Four novels to revise busy.  Didn’t plan it that way, but…here’s the scoop.

Lonesome George 2 (“The Fire This Time”) and Lonesome George 3 (“The Broken Return”) have been written.  LG2 has been revised and is with my editor and publisher now.

By the Hands of Men 2 (“Into the Flames,” hmmm, I might have something thematic going on here) and By the Hands of Men 3 (“The Wrath of a Righteous Man”) have been written.

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Hillary™ Caught on Video!

A surreptitiously recorded video recently popped up on the internet. It shows a desperate Hillary Clinton imploring a mysterious political operative known only as “Sarah” to save her sinking campaign. In her distress, Mrs. Clinton mispronounces “campaign” as “kayak.”

It’s kind of hard to watch, but the Right-Wing Riot brings it to you in the interest of covering ALL the news, not just the pretty stuff. Click on the image to go to the vid.


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Special Treat for Fiction Fans: Guest Post by the fabulous Karina Fabian!

The Right-Wing Riot is well known for our love of good stories and entertainment in popular culture. So we are honored and delighted to bring you this gem of pop culture wisdom by Karina Fabian, on the occasion of the launch of Book 3 of her “Mind Over” series. If you are a scifi/fantasy fan and haven’t read Fabian yet, you can thank us later. She is a prolific author across many genres. Without further ado, we bring you Karina Fabian.

Karina Fabian headshot Aug 2013

Writing is About Story, Not Race

“It’s not their fault,” her cousin Jonny countered. He was leaning against her cousin Ray, but she couldn’t tell if he was intoxicated or too upset to stand. Probably both; he shoved away from their cousin to fall at her feet, nearly topping Masuto and Mikio. He clasped her knees, sobbing. ”It’s my fault! The whole plank thing was my idea. I almost killed your future husband!”

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Writers! Contribute to an upcoming Short Fiction anthology!

We Conservative-Libertarian types often complain that the entertainment world is run by hardcore leftists, and it’s near impossible to find something to read that doesn’t offend or annoy us at some point. Why doesn’t someone do something about it? (Not counting our own Prince of Whitebread, of course.)

Are you a writer? Want to help broaden the culture? Tom Tinney (author and purveyor of, is putting together an anthology of short fiction by Conservative-Libertarian authors, and he is looking for submissions. Here’s a description of the project:

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More Cultural Appropriation

Just posting this here in case anyone missed this story. It is the best laugh you'll have all day. Apparently, the President of the Spokane, WA NAACP chapter and local professor of Africana, Rachel Dolezal, is a trans-racial white woman who has been living as an African American. Please watch the video so you can compare the adorable childhood pictures her (lily-white) parents have released to the media to her current persona. It's so worth it.

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Small blessings

I don't know if I told you all, but last Monday morning, when I was driving home in the dark and the thin fog, just before I turned off the highway, I came upon a very beautiful deer in my lane. I was coming around a gentle curve, so I saw her in plenty of time to slow down. This deer was standing in the middle of the lane, head down like she was eating something off the pavement.

I slowed down and eased up on her...I wanted to get her off the road but not terrify her. She looked like a mule deer, with those big ears. She looked at my very slowly approaching car then turned and walked to the edge of the highway then dropped down into the steep brush on the side of the mountain. It was a real blessing, you know, to get a clear look at one of God's creatures like that, and to get her off the road before someone hit her.

A little “Trues” love

Our little thumb-in-the-eye of good liberal enablers everywhere, "Truesbury," keeps turning up.  It's gratifying to know we've made it onto some Reddits, to see people posting links to "Trues" in the comments of various blogs.  And just this week, we received a really nice compliment from yet another good soul unknown to us who yet knows of our work.

In his blog RobertByron22 wrote about Garry Trudeau and His Lack of Self-Awareness, which was a pretty kind way of saying GT's vision of himself as brave outsider speaking Truf To Powah is masturbatory nonsense.  He ended with these kind words:

"P.S. Truesbury is a satiric version of the strip that accurately demonstrates how one takes on authority rather than kowtowing to it," and included our "It's Not Black and White" strip as an example.

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More good news from the Culture Wars

We are just bursting with pride here at the Right-Wing Riot! Our own Prince of Whitebread is currently featured in the Books section on Glenn Beck's juggernaut website

The Prince isn't merely mentioned; his newly published novel, The Big Bang, is actually excerpted on The Blaze. We are so thrilled to see the Prince's hard work being recognized and even more than that, to see the New Media piling success on success as we build our own counter-culture and go right around those pesky PC gatekeepers. Guess what, authors? You no longer have to please a feminist, elitist, close-minded cat lady from Brooklyn in order to publish a hit novel. Turns out, there's a huge audience for entertainment that isn't left-wing propaganda, and there are also plenty of enterprising Americans who are smart enough to figure that out.

We'll enjoy watching the upcoming rounds of layoffs at the Big Six.


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Sabo soars to new heights of greatness

If you don't already follow the work of guerrilla street artist "Sabo," you must begin doing so immediately. Manifestly talented, he is also something rare in today's culture: an artist who recalls the true purpose of art, which is to challenge society and make people think.

Please click here to read details about the magnificence of his latest stunt. He created and placed 16 posters along Sunday's LA Marathon route. Each poster was a mile marker, and each represented another "grim milestone" of President Obama's oppressive and corrosive tenure in office.

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