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Sabo soars to new heights of greatness

If you don't already follow the work of guerrilla street artist "Sabo," you must begin doing so immediately. Manifestly talented, he is also something rare in today's culture: an artist who recalls the true purpose of art, which is to challenge society and make people think.

Please click here to read details about the magnificence of his latest stunt. He created and placed 16 posters along Sunday's LA Marathon route. Each poster was a mile marker, and each represented another "grim milestone" of President Obama's oppressive and corrosive tenure in office.

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Time to start using the “F word”

The U.S. is in full-blown crisis, but eerily, no one is talking about it. The shiny object on the news this morning is a dress that changes colors. If that doesn’t distract enough people, the media has even begun desperately admitting that ISIS is chopping off heads in Syria. Anything to misdirect the masses while full-on fascism takes hold of the Land of the Free.


That’s right, I said it. Fascism. To be sure, the fascism of Obama’s America has replaced the 20th century nationalism aspect with racialism and other grievance identities – generations of anti-American schooling have left citizens with nothing but negative feelings for their homeland – but the division of human beings into superficial groupings is a classic feature of fascism. Balkanization and anti-patriotic conditioning have left few people who care enough to defend the U.S.

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Vote for Best Conservative/Libertarian Novel!

The good folks over at the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance (a closed FB group for networking all things fiction) are running a contest. It’s the first-ever CLFA Book of the Year!

This being the first CLFA BotY award, books published in both 2013 and 2014 are eligible. Please stop by to vote for your top three favorites – or just to obtain a handy list of great, contemporary fiction written by Conservative and Libertarian authors!


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The Fire This Time

Samzinet Fire This Time 

(A story from before The Big Bang)


It was just a little school. Like a lot of places there in the Sonoran desert, it was a one-story building from the 50’s, built of cinder block, with a flat roof, all of it painted a remarkably less-than-festive flat white. During the three years Whistler had lived in the vicinity of the school (calling the dwellings scattered over nearly ten miles of sand, scrub, saguaro cactus and every variety of pointy, pokey plant life known to man a “neighborhood” seemed impossibly optimistic to him), he’d observed the little kids outside every spring painting murals on the longest wall, which faced the playground.

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