Hillary Men

So, this is apparently real. "Hillary Men." Try to say that out loud without snickering.

I mean seriously.   Hillary Men.  If you read any of their stuff (which I'm not advising), it's like overhearing the two most socially inept guys in High School who have decided the girl of their dreams must be defended from all the meanies in the world who dare to keep mentioning what an awful person she is.  You can picture it, right, two pimply-faced guys at a cafeteria in deadly serious discussions about how to uphold her honor.

Then,too, the term "Hillary Men" makes me keep imagining things like: "Which Hill do you want to die on, son?" "Anti-Gay Marriage Hill, sir." "Sorry, son, that Hill has been conveniently forgotten." "Is the 'It's good to invade Iraq' Hill still there?" "That one has been lost to the sands of time, kid." "Gosh, Sarge, which Hill is left? "Whichever one will get her the nomination, kid."

Note, too, these yutzes don't have a place for anyone to comment.  It's almost like they don't have the stones to, you know, face any competing facts.

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“The Fire This Time,” which is the second volume of the Lonesome George Series (LG2, for short) is with the publisher and editors.  They’re doing their job.

Meanwhile, my copy-editor sent her notes on “Into the Flames,” volume two of the By the Hands of Men series.  I’ve been working on incorporating her notes into my ms.

Target release date for “Into the Flames:”  November 15.

And there is this.  Gentle Hans with the wee Schnitzel dog.

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It’s for the Children

Hollywood comes up with awesome new education initiative. http://goo.gl/PrWqEV And it’s airing today, September 11! You know they’re doing it for the children, even if seems weirdly inappropriate, like they’re trying to push 9/11 out of public consciousness.

Hollywood would never do that, though. I mean, they made a mini-series out of “The Road to 9/11” that dared to criticize the Clintons. Of course the critically acclaimed “Road to 9/11” has never been released on DVD, but that’s probably a coincidence.

It was clearly more important to use precious plastic disks for the collector’s edition of “Golden Girls,” a vital cultural touchstone. Because Hollywood and the Left are all about speaking Truth to Power! (Liberal rapists like Bill Clinton, Roman Polanski excepted)

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